Victoriei Avenue

Victoriei Avenue

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Victoriei Avenue is one of the most important traffic lanes in Bucharest, spreading from Națiunile Unite Square, all the way to Victoriei Square.

It got its name – Victoriei Avenue – in 1878, when the Romanian Army triumphantly marched into the Capital after the Independence War.

Various edifices have been constructed on this street over the years: grandiose mansions that the old local nobility used to live in, churches, inns, hotels, shops, luxury stores, coffee shops and state institutions.

Victoriei Avenue comprises many architectural monuments:

  • National Museum of Romanian History (Postal Palace)
  • CEC headquarter
  • Palace of the National Military Circle
  • Capsa House
  • Odeon Theatre
  • Constantin Tanase Theatre
  • The Revival’s Memorial
  • National Museum of Art of Romania (Royal Palace)
  • Senate Palace
  • Central University Library
  • Romanian Athenaeum
  • White Church
  • Museum of Ceramics and Glass (Ştirbei Palace)
  • Vernescu House
  • National University of Arts Bucharest
  • Cantacuzino Palace (George Enescu National Museum)

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