Delicious taste of home
Delicious taste of home

Self-Service Restaurant

Restaurant Self Service

At our self-service restaurant that is both affordable and delicious  you can have buffet breakfast or lunch. Our kitchen is modern equipped with the necessary facilities for preparing various dishes. The Restaurant in located near Gara de Nord, Bucharest.

Self restarant has a contemporanys a contemporary furniture in mahogany hue and a warm and friendly atmosphere. The lunch menu changes daily, we have special recipes for every day of the week and affordable prices. The lunch menu includes soups, main dishes, grilled, garnishes and desserts. Our chef prepare dishes with traditional romanian cuisine recipes, but heal so like to amaze customers with international tastes. The menu is varied and complex made to satisfy the taste of all guests.

The breakfast buffet served at the restaurant Self includes cold and hot items, pastries, dairy products, coffee, tea, vegetables and fruits, mineral water / plain water / orange juice.

If you are in hurry, you can order an „early morning” breakfast and you’ll recive a package that you can serve at Tekaffe, on the ground floor of Hello Hotels, before we open the restaurant


We invite you to take a plentiful and tasty lunch each week, from Monday to Friday, from 12:00 to 15:00.

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Our self-service restaurant is modern decorated and it is a intimate local. The atmoshere is very friendly, so if you come to us you will definitely return with pleasure.

self restaurant hello hotels


We have very decent prices, made foy every budget. At Self you have an excellent relation between quality of food and the price you pay.



Our food is extremely fresh because the menu established by our chef changes daily. Ingredients are carefully chosen and cooked with love as for friends. The daily lunch menu includes soup / cream soup, a main dish and a side dish.

Special offers

Special offers

Special offers

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