Grigore Antipa National Museum

Grigore Antipa National Museum is known as the largest natural history museum in Romania and it is located 1.5 km away from Hello Hotel.

It has over two million exhibits in its patrimony: minerals and rocks, organised in various collections.

The Museum’s main goal is to educate the public and increase its cultural awareness, its collections and exhibits being organised in such way to help us understand life evolution. With this regard, the collections are seen as virtual databases, some of them being true treasures of the world heritage.

Over the years, the Grigore Antipa National Museum has been through a broad consolidation and modernisation process.  In 2011, it was reopened to the public with a completely new look, meant to draw more people with its newly found attractiveness and interactivity.

Grigore Antipa National Museum targets people interested in gaining knowledge, regardless of their age or cultural background. You can tour the Museum with an audio presentation in Romanian, English or French. The Museum’s website promotes various expositions and information on the ticket rates, the opening hours and other things that might be of interest to the public.