Bucharest Old Town

Bucharest Old Town, a former gate to the city over 550 year ago, is competing with the commercial pedestrian areas in Paris and Vienna. It is the most paradoxical place in town, being old and modern at the same time. Once the area was refurbished, coffee shops, restaurants, bars and pubs started blossoming on the old streets, still bearing the touch of the inter-war period.

In Bucharest Old Town, buildings decorated with various sculpture techniques remind of times long passed and seem to have frozen in time during the day. But every night of the week, they all dress up in their prom gowns and turn into veritable restaurants and clubs, terraces and boutiques, all ready to open their doors for old and new party-goers, who love all types of music and dances.

For fashion lovers, the Bucharest Old Town gets richer and richer every day. Richer in boutique shops for exclusivist customers, but also in large fashionable department stores, where anybody can cater to their taste for beauty.